Blauer Balken und Weltkarte

Your Guests Feel at Home

Arabian, Asian and international business partners like coming to Europe. They want to establish personal contacts or intensify existing business relations. And last but not least, they want to get to know the country and the people.

Therefore it happens quite often, that a 2-week program is filled with sightseeing. Oftentimes there are people on the invitation list who apparently have nothing to do with the project. In addition, the guests expect around-the-clock service.

We at LUNEGA plan and organize your guests' stay and deal with coordination and service from the time they arrive to their departure.

Guestservice Brochure as download (pdf, 1MB)


Our possible range of services

Travel within Germany and abroad, organization of your guests' entire stay from arrival to departure.

Coordination of the delegation's visit, e.g. scheduling, gifts, recreational activities, meals, lodging, expectations of the foreign guests etc.

Pick-up of the delegation or the business partner from the airport and escort to the hotel.

Help and support for any of your guests' questions.

You can entrust your business partners and guests to us, we are happy to take care of them.

Our possible support when entering new markets

Medical treatment in Germany

If you need to go to a hospital or consult a medical specialist, the metropolitan area Nuremberg/Erlangen and its famous medical infrastructure, known as the "medical valley", are the perfect place for you. In the hospitals, we are able to provide you with all medical services and with specialists in a variety of medical fields. It is said that German doctors can work miracles.

LUNEGA guarantees you that your family will be in the best hands during your stay in hospital. After all, LUNEGA's motto is exclusiveness, confidentiality and cordiality.

Already prior to your stay in Germany we are here for you and your family and will help you according to your wishes in all possible means. These could include following services:

Application for entry visa for you and your family.

Booking flights and organizing your and your family's trip.

A safe and friendly pick up from your destination airport in Germany.

Booking or renting suitable and comfortable accommodation for you and your family during your stay.

Assisting you and your family in all possible means, e.g. helping with the translation of documents or organizing an interpreter.

Organization of leisure arrangements specially fitting to your culture wishes. Everything is possible, from arranging shopping tours in Munich or renting a Limousine Service to visiting a falconry center in the franconian countryside.

Searching for an appropriate hospital or medical expert.

We enjoy helping and supporting you and your family! Please feel free to contact us at any time.