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Teambuilding „Capture the Box“ – The conquest of the box

Thrill and pure passion: The countdown is on, literally!

All begins with a mysterious video message....

After a short introduction and the splitting in teams of about five to six people, each group finds a sealed aluminium box on a desk.

The game starts with a video in which a mysterious voice encourages the teams to dig into the game.

The goal is to stop the countdown which is shown to everybody on a video screen.

Each team firstly has to open an aluminium box that is locked with a number lock for which there is a code to decifer first. Once the box is open, the participants receive four sealed suitcases with riddles, more codes and various kinds of tricky tasks that can only be managed in cooperation as a team and with lots of creativity. Will the teams beat the ticking clock?

Successful as a team

Suitcase no.1 can be opened by the teams alone while the combination for

Suitcase no. 2 is only unraveled when parts of  the solution for the first suitcase are exchanged with solutions of other teams.

Suitcase no. 3 reveals its secrets solely by cooperation with other teams and by collecting various solution elements. The riddle can only be solved, if one team finds the equivalent element of another team and combines the two pendants logically.

Once suitcase no. 4 is open, one must decode a QR Code with an iPad and put together a final slogan to get the last code for stopping the countdown.


The setting for the game may be anywhere with space for 10 to 300 participants.

Your benefit:

Creaticity and cooperation within the team are going to be highly improved by solving common tasks. Nowhere else hidden potentials of the team members are revealed better than in a team game.

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