Blauer Balken und Weltkarte

December 2012

Start the New Year with Latin American sounds!

You don´t have any plans for New Year´s Eve yet? How about a salsa New Year´s Eve party? Have an atmospheric start to the new year with some Latin American sounds! No matter if it´s Erlangen, Nuremberg or Fürth. There will definitely be a suitable location in your area.

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Sportive Team-Activities: Climbing

Climbing in beautiful natural surroundings or of course in a climbing gym. If you are looking for a team event, a climbing course is just the perfect idea!

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Erlangen on Ice

On 30 November the project “Erlangen on Ice” started together with the Christmas market. Come and whirl around on the large ice rink with the Christmas air filled with the wonderful smell of mulled wine and roasted almonds!

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Historical Christmas market in Erlangen

Already for the sixth time the historical Christmas market in Erlangen invites you on a journey back into the Middle Ages. Up until the 23 December you´ll still have the possibility to visit a very special kind of Christmas market.

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